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The Developer Team Of Albion Online Is Growing

Nowly, in accordance to the team of Sandbox Interactive, it expect to focus on the improvement of the game world of their MMORPG Albion Online. On February, In a state-of-the-game letter, Albion Online said: for the world, since it's at the moment, and so limited as well as boring. Why to do this? It's clearly reason that with a extremely small team you had tried to creat a huge online world. Players seemingly so busy, The reason for this is that cheap albion online silver for sale.



Now you expand the team around WorldBuilder and Level Designer. These will ensure that the game world is even more diverse and exciting. In addition, the world will continue to grow, because you really want to offer the players a huge sandbox, in which they can let off steam.


The new team members will focus on creating new biomes, making the world even more diverse. Fans can look forward to deserts or ice landscapes. In addition, the landscapes are visually enhanced, so it is more fun to explore the areas. Moreover, the company is working to create a strategic depth in the distribution of raw materials or hotspots in the world. Player have been in preparation for buying cheap albion online silver.


Basically, the world is simply to be much better. Albion Online Housing During the beta, the team also noted that you had to work on how to better distribute the loot in dungeons. And the character development system is also being edited, since you are not really happy with the way the heroes develop in the game.


Nevertheless, with regard to this, in the most dangerous zones of the world, one will require raw material which can only be found. Which contains the "Black Zones", a areas where the factions are fighting for the domination of territories. You can find high-quality resources, even in the "Red Zones". Nonetheless, it's worth mentioning that you must await until you can be attacked by other players at any time. Are you ready for buying cheap albion online gold?