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Final Fantasy XIV Has A Long And Checkered History

Final Fantasy XIV helpful tips are required to each players. It was confirmed that Patch 4.1 - titled The Legend Returns - is scheduled to come out early October. Patch 4.1 notes content have been posted at FFXIV4GIL, find more at here. Housing purchases in Shirogane will finally open in 4.1. Final Fantasy XIV's annual 14-hour anniversary stream was last week, and with it came a deluge of information about the game's past, present and future. 



Final Fantasy XIV has a long and checkered history. After several years of middling success, Square Enix eventually relaunched the game in 2013/14 as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The game is a re-launched version of original Final Fantasy XIV, the second MMORPG in the franchise, and features an updated game engine, revamped gameplay, and a new storyline. 


The game gave us a lot more variety of locations, and some interesting story beats. The new locations are much more varied than those from A Realm Reborn or Heavensward and the soundtrack matches. One change that was incredibly helpful is the fact that sprinting no longer costs technical points, so melee fighters can now sprint in battle without jeopardizing their ability to do anything for about a minute while waiting for their TP gauge to tick back up to full. 


Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood is the latest expansion for the game, there will also be dungeons you can challenge with your adventurer squadron, who will have glamours unlocked and their level cap boosted. The Hildibrand quests will return for Stormblood, while a new 48-man PvP mode, rival wings, will be also introduced. We sincerely recommend FFXIV4GIL to you and then buy cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil.