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The Elder Scrolls Online: Access To The Summerset Island

Summerset is new update for the Elder Scrolls Online, Summerset will be far more accessible for new players, meaning they won't need to grind through the base game and its subsequent expansions to play with seasoned friends. A Free Play Event for ESO kicks off today for PC, Mac, and PS4 users, and will begin tomorrow for those on Xbox One. The free trial allows you to try out the basic content of The Elder Scrolls Online, and it will end on Tuesday, March 27th.



Pre-purchasing will also net you the Queen's Bounty Pack, with the Court of Bedlam costume, a Pocket Salamander pet, treasure maps, a Psijic Vault Crown crate, and experience boosters, plus a digital copy of the Morrowind DLC and the Nightmare Senche mount. The initiative has already taken root from today on PC / Mac and PlayStation 4, while Xbox One users can get their hands on the title starting tomorrow. Gamers start to buy gold, especially for cheap eso gold


Access To The Summerset Island

Jewelry Crafting: this new skill will allow you to create powerful equipment for your characters.

New Skill Series: Dominate the magic of the Psijic Order to gain new combat skills and control time.

An epic story: a compelling narrative that pulls the ranks of the daedric events told in 2015 with the DLC Orsinium.

The Psijic Order: for the first time in a title The Elder Scrolls, you can join the mysterious Psijic Order and explore the secret city of Artaeum.

A new area: the island of Summerset, a beautiful and even bigger land than Vvardenfell, which had been introduced with the chapter ESO: Morrowind.

New PvE Group challenges: Players can work together to tackle Cloudrest's challenges, a new 12-player Trial mission, as well as new Delve missions, bosses and other content, including Abyssal Geysers.


With a new and vast area full of life, an epic story, new skills of the Psijic Order and the introduction of Jewelry Crafting, The Elder Scrolls Online Summerset will offer lots of content for both veterans and new players. If you longing to know more news and update, reference to here