The Elder Scrolls Online: Access To The Summerset Island

Summerset is new update for the Elder Scrolls Online, Summerset will be far more accessible for new players, meaning they won't need to grind through the base game and its subsequent expansions to play with seasoned friends. A Free Play Event for ESO kicks off today for PC, Mac, and PS4 users, and will begin tomorrow for those on Xbox One. The free trial allows you to try out the basic content of The Elder Scrolls Online, and it will end on Tuesday, March 27th.

The Elder Scrolls Online Crafting Materials In Vardenfell

Crafting materials in The Elder Scrolls Online contains ore, wood, alchemy ingredients, etc. There seems to be some truth to that. It's a starting location that it's also more heavily farmed.

ESO Horns Of The Reach Dungeon Pack Is Now Available For Both PC And Mac

The Elder Scrolls Online has received the downloadable content pack Horns of the Reach featuring two new and incredible dungeons - Falkreath Hold and Bloodroot Forge.

Date And New Details Of The Elder Scrolls Online: Horns Of The Reach

Bethesda brings us new information on The Elder Scrolls Online's new DLC: "Horns of the Reach" which will be released later this month in August and will include two new dungeons along with the announced 4V4V4 PVP modes from Arcane University or Chaosball and others added to give it more life if it fits the popular MMORPG.

ESO Tips & Tricks: Make ESO Gold When PvPing

Want to make ESO gold while PvPing in Cyrodiil? Here you will find a way to achieve the goal. This method is pretty easy and simple, you will be farming Alliance Points in Cyrodiil so you can use your Alliance Points to buy items you will then sell for tons of gold to other players.
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